Friday, November 26, 2010

Diabetes Blessings Week Meets Blue Friday!

First things first - as it's the last Friday of November, I'm still rocking my Diabetes Blue

Today, I'm counting my d-blessings and appreciating the awareness that diabetes has given me. When I was younger (way before diabetes was in the picture) the holidays were all about having as many treats as possible...and eventually getting a tummy ache. We've all talked about the way that diabetes can take the enjoyment out of food when we're treating a low and eating because we HAVE to rather than because we want to. Yesterday, diabetes was largely just background noise. Why? Because it has given me more of an awareness of my body and the signals it's giving me. That awareness helped me stay out of the danger zone and kept my bg in a place where I could enjoy my day. Knowing that my numbers were in range helped me actually enjoy what I was eating - there was no fear that my numbers were going to skyrocket or eating because I was low. Having a holiday without bg stress allowed me to really and truly be present and enjoy it... without any diabetes guilt :)

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