Sunday, April 17, 2011

HAWMC Day 17 – Mindful Moment

The most peaceful place in the world for me is on Cathedral Ledge in New Hampshire. I’m not a climber, but there’s a fenced in lookout on the summit of part of the ledge that you can drive up and then walk to. It’s relatively flat and around the lookout there are plenty of places to hike further up and out on the mountain and be alone with your thoughts. 

Whenever I’m up there there’s always the perfect mix of sunlight beaming down and wind gently blowing through my hair. The wind carries with it the scent of the trees and the flowers that randomly and inexplicably sprout from the mountainside. 

I can hear the birds having heated debates with each other, the squirrels scurrying around, and the sounds of excited children at the lookout saying “MOM! LOOKIT THIS!!!” I can hear the climbers down below talking through the routes they’re going to take and encouraging each other up the mountain… I can also hear the occasional “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU TALKED ME INTO THIS!!” from the couples that are climbing. 

Every so often a face will appear from below and the climbers will top out and sit and revel in their accomplishment. Their reward? A view that has you feeling as though you’ve never been closer to Heaven before. 

From up there, the town below seems so peaceful and quiet. There’s mountains as far as the eye can see. I could stay up there for hours and still not tire of the view. In the fall, it looks as though the town below and the mountains in the distance are all on fire from the red and orange colors of the leaves. If you can get up there in the early or late winter, it looks as though the world below is nestled in a fluffy white blanket. In the summer you can see all of the deserted ski lifts just waiting for their friends to come back and put them to work in the winter. In the summer, it feels like you could just reach up and touch the 4th of July fireworks over the lake. 

Up there it feels as though there are no problems or complications in life; only overwhelming peace and beauty. 

Prompt: Mindful Moment -  describe something peaceful with as much sensory imagery as you can. What are the sights, sounds, and feelings?

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